A textile evaluation by Clear Fashion: Buying less but better!

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Clear Fashion, an independent expert in garment evaluation, informs consumers on brands' practices and clothes' impact and enables fashion brands to communicate their scores, thus bringing more transparency to the fashion industry. The target is to make people know more about what is behind the clothes they buy.

The making of a garment has a history: sometimes beautiful, some other times unacceptable. The fashion industry faces enormous social and environmental problems.

The power of citizens lies in wise consumption. Together, they can influence and even make a sector evolve. They can guide the sector towards more sustainable production models. Committed and wise consumption choices can show industry players that consumers reject certain practices as they go against their values. Consumers can also support brands that make more responsible production choices such as green raw materials, suppliers respecting labour rights or using processes with a low impact on health and the environment.

Here are some circular indicators - among others - used by Clear Fashion to evaluate textile enterprises:

  • reduction of scrap fabric during production
  • use of recycled/upcycled material
  • reduction and management of unsold articles
  • frequence of new collections
  • durability
  • repair service
  • water consumption
  • use of biological or natural material, etc.

For more information on the evaluation method, click here.

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Clear Fashion:

  • informs and increases consumers' awareness: 250 000 consumers use the app, seeking information on brands' and clothes' impact (100 000 consultations per month)
  • has an impact on consumers' habits: over 50% of its users have changed their consumption practices since they started using the app
  • enables brands to change their practices: 270 brands take part in the evaluation of their practices and their products (free audit). In so doing, fashion brands can do an internal analysis and identify progress axes: 69% of the evaluated brands who participated for over 6 months have reviewed their production processes.