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Circular Computing: Remanufactured Laptops go Mainstream

Engineers inspecting quality @ Circular Computings laptop remanufacting facility

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Austria, Belgium, Denmark, EU, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Other (United States of America)

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In an unprecedented move, Hewlett-Packard (HP) promotes Circular Computing carbon-neutral laptops to purchasers alongside a brand-new model.
For a global brand to present a remanufactured, outgoing model as a direct alternative to a new product is extremely unusual. It underlines a highly significant endorsement of Circular Computing’s approach to sustainability at the high end of the IT market.

An HP direct mail campaign currently running in Denmark for the new Elitebook 840 G6 laptop also features the Elitebook 840 from Circular Computing™.
Under the headline ‘We believe in reincarnation’ the mailer explains that the Circular Computing™ Elitebook 840 looks and performs exactly like a new machine.
It undergoes five hours of remanufacturing, a complete external recoat, and comes with a full three-year warranty.

HP highlights that it uses high-quality materials and components in the original build to ensure longevity and sustainability ‘because it is good business for you and the environment.’ Circular Computing also plants five trees for each laptop delivered, then investment to help people & make earth cooler.

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The Circular Computing Remanufactured CO2 neutral Enterprise grade laptops are available in: AT, BE, DK, NL, UK & USA (more coming). They benefit public procurement, SME's, corporates and schools buying thousands of Circular Computing Laptops and thus saving millions of euros and helping the environment.

The reuse and sustainability benefits per laptop:

  • 40-50% saving against the cost of new
  • 380 kg of CO2 eq saved
  • 1,200 kg of natural resources saved
  • 190,000 l of water preserved
  • zero eWaste as laptops are taken back and the process is repeated
  • no labour or human rights issues (not ‘made’ in sweatshops)
  • 5 trees are planted creating a CO2 reduction benefit of around 600 kg over 20 years
  • sustainable IT.