Sustainable fish farming and fighting against food waste

CPIE Bassin de Thau
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Institut de l'économie circulaire
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CPIE Bassin de Thau

The Thau area permanent centre for environmental initiatives (centre permanent d’initiatives pour l’environnement - CPIE) wants to set up a sustainable and local fish farming industry, promoting the fight against food waste. The project objectives are to develop granulated food fish from circular economy with:

  • reuse and recycling of bread, 
  • algae producing in integrated system

The aim of this project is to produce quality food at affordable prices by raising public awareness of the fight against food waste and the concept of circular economy for local and sustainable consumption.

After the first consultation phase, an experimental phase is under way to test the fish pellets with the various proportions of bread. Next an experimental phase in fish farm will test the adaptability of the project under actual farming conditions. In addition, a study of the dry bread baking industry will be performed to estimate the volume and existing value chains. Throughout the project, a cross-sectoral phase has been set up to train the different people involved in each of the targeted sectors, in order to raise awareness and sustain the project.

Main results

This cross-sector project aims to change practices regarding food wastage and promote local and sustainable products:

  • reduce food waste from catering
  • develop local fish
  • heighten awareness among young people through event campaigns
  • create links between production areas and consumption areas.

Expected deliverables and results include:

  • a guide on the technical and economic feasibility of raising mullet and salema with bread-crumb based food
  • a technical report on the dry bread sector and valuation means
  • a factsheet for recovering bread that has not been distributed or consumed for catering
  • a methodology for manufacturing and testing pellets:
    1. bread collection
    2. broduction of pellets
    3. testing of fish feed pellets.