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Product Circularity Data Sheet

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01 Jan 2021

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The Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS) is the result of the European Circularity Dataset Initiative launched by the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg in 2018. More than 50 companies from 12 different countries have put together the proof of concept of the PCDS data template, including the related standard and its audit system. More information can be found on

Circular Economy in Travel and Tourism: a guide for operators and policymakers

Circular Economy in Travel and Tourism



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The travel & tourism industry has touchpoints with most, if not all, key value chains and material flows in society and is therefore very relevant to consider for the circular economy transition.

To guide a sustainable recovery and development of the industry post COVID-19, this publication introduces key circular economy principles and concepts in the context of travel & tourism.

An EIB Circular Economy Guide on how to support the circular transition

The European Investment Bank's Circular Economy Guide aims to promote a common understanding of circular economy, and raise awareness about and promote circular solutions.

The Guide provides information about EIB’s lending and advisory activities in this field, and communicates the vision of how the EIB can further support the transition to a circular economy.

Design Research Tools: How to become a more sustainable and circular designer

United Kingdom


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Professor Rebecca Earley introduces a series of short films about the design tools produced at the Chelsea College of Arts research centre, and how to use them to become a more sustainable and circular designer. The series aims to help designers access and use the research resources to stay inspired and motivated to design better futures.

Sustainable construction guidelines for public authorities – A circular economy perspective

ACR+ report - Sustainable construction guidelines for public authorities – A circular economy perspective

Sustainable construction guidelines for public authorities – A circular economy perspective aims to help public authorities navigate through the topic of sustainable construction, understand what it means and determine how to encourage it.

These guidelines are especially targeted at local and regional authorities.

Circular Procurement in 8 steps



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Increasingly, circular procurement is seen as one of the ways to promote a circular economy. The book Circular Procurement in 8 steps provides a practical approach to integrate circular economy principles into a procurement process.

A new web-portal to help cities become circular: the Circular City Funding Guide

Funding Guide

A new web-portal to help cities become circular: the Circular City Funding Guide was launched on 31 January 2020. The guide provides information and support on funding and financing of the circular economy in an urban context. It has two main target groups: fund-seekers and funders of circular projects in cities.


Making the Circular Economy Work - MiW-IMPEL Guidance for regulators on enabling innovations for the circular economy

MiW-IMPEL Guidance Making the Circular Economy work

EU, Other (EU Member States and other countries applying EU environmental law)


A crucial element in the transition to the circular economy are the innovations at production and recycling facilities that aim at ensuring resource efficiency, prevention of waste and the use of production residues or materials recovered from waste as secondary raw materials. This guidance was developed to support regulators, policy- and law-makers and businesses.