TOMRA: leading the circular revolution in plastics


TOMRA's Circular Economy Division was established in January 2019 to speed up the transformation to a circular economy and shape future waste and resource systems. TOMRA believes that the circular future has great opportunities for many industries and society and that collaboration, knowledge sharing and new partnerships are vital for circularity.

TOMRA is a leader in the field of collection and sorting technology, and as such is the only company that can offer a holistic solution for waste management. It aims to become an essential strategic partner by working with key business players across the entire plastics recycling value chain. It seeks to develop new methods, processes, technologies and business models and to close the loop for consumer-oriented reusable and recyclable packaging. By contributing to research and information exchange on fundamental circular economy topics and key material streams, the company aims to lead the way in building a circular future.


Main results
  • TOMRA Circular Economy works with converters, brand owners, waste management companies, recyclers and other stakeholders to examine design and implementation for circularity.
  • The latest example of bringing key players in the value chain together has resulted in a fully operational state-of-the-art plant for sorting and advanced mechanical recycling of post-consumer plastic waste offering top quality recycled material, suitable for use in highly demanding applications.
  • With its new initiative, ReSociety, the company has taken steps to encourage open engagement and education across industry, NGOs, educational institutions, consumers and others that can support the transition to a circular economy.