World Circular Economy Forum 2024 (WCEF2024)

WCEF2024 will feature the most impactful circular solutions from around the world, guided by the latest scientific evidence. The programme is designed to facilitate targeted discussions around governance, finance, people and employment, and business and innovation – the key enablers that drive the implementation of circular solutions on the ground.

A novelty for this edition are hands-on workshops and collaboration with two major players in Brussels.

One is the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference, which brings a dedicated track showcasing Europe’s progress to the forum.

As for the other one, the forum features a full-day programme on 17 April curated by the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, including site visits to circular economy companies in Belgium.

The forum will encourage Europe and leading countries around the world to continue accelerating towards circularity and raise ambition by putting nature and people at the heart of it. Advocating for a global just transition to a circular economy, this global collaboration platform facilitates a participatory spirit of playful discovery, genuine learning and cross-sectoral, geographically diverse coalition-building.

WCEF2024 will mark the 8th iteration of the forum and occurs at a pivotal moment for economies, societies and our planet.

The SQUARE convention centre in Brussels will host WCEF2024 from 15 to 16 April. In addition, accelerator sessions will be held by WCEF collaborators on 17 and 18 April in Brussels, online and around the globe.

To enable participation from around the world, the forum will be live-streamed online, open to all and free of charge. Attendance in person is by invitation only.

WCEF2024 is brought to you by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Circle Economy Foundation and International Resource Panel, with international partners.