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16 Oct 2018
BAMB reversible construction diagram

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The Circular Supplier Community Workshops give suppliers and interested actors along the building supply chain the opportunity to gain information about best practices and the advantages of Materials Passports, Circular Buildings & Building Information Modelling.

13 Oct 2018
Electronic waste in a basket
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The first International E-Waste Day is being held on the 13th October to promote the correct disposal of electrical and electronic equipment throughout the world.

International E-Waste Day (IEWD) has been developed by the WEEE Forum and currently involves around 40 different organisations in 20 different countries worldwide. It is being used to raise the public profile of e-waste and encourage consumers to correctly dispose of their e-waste with the resulting increase in re-use and recycling rates on the day itself and into the future.

11 Oct 2018
ACR+ - one-stop shop for cities in transit to CE

ACR+ is co-organising a workshop to inform cities and network organisations of the opportunities of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform as a portal to strategies and case studies in CE.

03 Oct 2018 to 05 Oct 2018
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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Registration is now open for the EcoProcura 2018 conference on sustainable, circular, and innovation procurement.

The interactive programme will present, discuss and identify ways of using procurement as an effective tool in the strategic decision making process of a public authority. It will focus on important policy areas for a sustainable, innovative and circular future. 

03 Oct 2018 to 05 Oct 2018
ecocity logo

EEB Member Ecocity organises the first ever ‘Ecocity Forum‘ in Thessaloniki, Greece. The aim of this 3 day conference is to raise awareness about the role that the circular economy can play in building the cities of tomorrow
The event is funded by the Greek government and will gather academics, representatives from business, NGOs and public authorities from across Europe to debate the various aspects of what a circular economy involves.

04 Oct 2018
Environment Ireland logo

Environment Ireland® is Ireland’s major environmental policy and management conference. Organised in association with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, the conference is now in its 14th year and will feature a roundtable on Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy.