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Waste management

Circular Economy in Cities: a suite of easily accessible resources

Ellen MacArthur Foundation
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United Kingdom

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Explore how city governments around the world are taking action to enable circular economy opportunities that deliver on a range of mayoral priorities, Sustainable Development Goals, and climate objectives.

In March 2019, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched Circular Economy in Cities, a suite of easily accessible resources which provide a global reference on the topic.

Its modules have been developed to respond to the growing interest in circular economy from city governments and mayors, and will offer insights to many other urban stakeholders, including the people who live in cities.

Circular Economy in Cities focuses on opportunities in three key urban systems - buildings, mobility, and products - and looks at how city governments can work to enable a circular economy transition.

The project addresses questions such as:

  1. Vision: What will the implementation of circular economy principles in cities look like?
  2. Factsheets: What benefits can a circular economy transition in key urban systems bring to cities?
  3. Policy levers: What can urban policymakers do to accelerate this transition?
  4. Case studies: What examples are there of urban policymakers already putting this into action?
  5. Other networks & resources: What are other organisations doing on the topic of circular economy and cities?

16 May 2019
Circular Cities – Innovating to tackle plastic waste

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On 16 May, ICLEI Europe and the PlastiCircle project will join forces to host the special conference ‘Circular Cities – Innovating to tackle plastic waste’. More than 100 stakeholders from across Europe will gather at Scotland House in Brussels (Belgium) to assess European Union policies on the circular economy for plastics, the role of cities in tackling plastic waste, and the industry innovations driving circularity in Europe’s urban areas.

16 May 2019

In the face of a growing global waste crisis, new corporate reporting disclosures are being developed by Global reporting Initiative (GRI) to help organizations better understand and communicate their waste impacts. It is in this context that the GRI Waste Standard is under development, and open to public consultation and comment until 15 July 2019.

Circular economy strategies and roadmaps in Europe: Identifying synergies and the potential for cooperation and alliance building – Study

Circular economy strategies and roadmaps in Europe: Identifying synergies and the potential for cooperation and alliance building

Circular economy strategies and roadmaps in Europe


Giacomo Salvatori, Frank Holstein, Kai Böhme
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Circular economy strategies have been under development in European cities, regions, and countries in the last few years. 33 strategies have been adopted since 2014, and at least 29 more are under development. Existing strategies were reviewed for this study, to identify similarities and differences, and to assess the involvement of civil society organisations, and potential for collaboration.

The study argues that documents developed in the future should put more focus on including broader sections of value chains, and on ensuring inclusive partnership approaches in all phases of the strategy’s cycle. To date, circular economy strategies show different degrees of inclusiveness in terms of value chains and partner involvement. Limited inclusive approaches can be explained by the exploratory nature of most strategy documents. This includes a stronger involvement of civil society organisations in earlier phases of strategy development, and not just for dissemination and citizen involvement.

The study highlights the role of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform in gathering and sharing civil society’s knowledge and making sure it is fed into the policy cycle for circular economy.

ENEA Platform for Industrial Symbiosis

Enea has designed the first Italian industrial symbiosis platform, as a tool to facilitate the process.

The ENEA methodology is based on a "horizontal" network approach, with the aim of creating synergies and closing the loop between supply and demand for various resources.

The Platform is based on:

  • an expert structure that identifies possible solutions of industrial symbiosis
  • a complex information structure, also georeferenced, which describes the territory, its structures, the interlocutors and available resources
  • a network that connects different interlocutors
  • a web interface.

Among other activities and services, Symbiosis is able to send to to each company individual reports containing information on potential matches of interest. It is also developing operating manuals for industrial symbiosis.

6 May 2019
Environmental Protection Agency

A 600.000 EUR funding programme to support innovators in Ireland to develop and demonstrate consumer and business solutions that will stimulate the circular economy is now open for applications.

03 May 2019

The interactive workshop Squaring-up for a circular economy – Let’s make a change happen! will discuss how all members of society can contribute to achieving a prosperous and sustainable economy.

12 Apr 2019 to 11 Jun 2019
Romania's strategy for the transition to a circular economy

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Constanta, Cluj-Napoca, Buzsu, Timisoara, Brasov, Calarasi, Craiova, Bucharest



IRCEM and the Romanian Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with the Department for Sustainable Development, as well as other 12 ministries and other partners, will participate in 8 different working groups, one in each region of Romania, in order to develop Romania's Strategy for the Transition to a Circular Economy (ROCES) 2020-2030.

16 May 2019 to 17 May 2019
CC Conference image

The 4th Circular Change Conference will address the circular economy situation on the ground and explore the everyday challenges of circular companies.

12 Jun 2019 to 13 Jun 2019
Baltic forum
The Forum will explore the strong linkage between the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region and the growing challenges.
11 Apr 2019 to 13 Apr 2019
ECO Med green expo
Sicily hosts ECO-Med 2019 - its first Green Expo on the circular economy from a Mediterranean perspective.
09 Apr 2019
FEAD event

From Setting Recycling Targets to Achieving Them - Workshop Organised by FEAD will take place April 9 in Brussels to discuss the implementation of waste management strategies and pathways towards moving up the waste hierarchy.