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Circular cement: processing waste to create cement in a circular economy

Cement production plant (illustration)

Every year, 2.5 billion tonnes of waste is produced in Europe. Thanks to its production process, the cement industry is able to use waste both as a fuel source and for secondary mineral materials.

Virtuous recycling of end-of-life tyres by Ecopneus

The virtuous recycling of End-of-Life Tyres by Ecopneus

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Ecopneus is a non-profit consortium company consisting of the largest tyre manufacturers in Italy. It currently handles 70% of the tyres that reach the end of their life-cycles.

SwitchMed - MED TEST II

Skaff Dairy Farm

Skaff Dairy Farm is a small-sized enterprise producing around 840 t of dairy products annually for the local market. Skaff Dairy Farm joined the MED TEST II project in order to improve quality and reduce defects, to drive out waste and continuously improve cost efficiency. The main problems the company faced was energy and finished products losses.