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Close the loop in ceramic industry

In circular economy secondary resources (i.e. end-of-life products), the industrial side streams and wastes, are the “wasted resources of today”, if they are not utilized and returned for use.

Digging gold from trash: ProSUM, a centralised database for critical secondary raw materials

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Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom

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Until now, the data on CRMs has been produced by a variety of actors and lies scattered in different databases, formats and reports which makes it difficult to compare or aggregate. The ProSUM project - Latin for ‘I am useful’ - aims at producing the EU Urban Mine Knowledge Data Platform (EU-UMKDP) providing user friendly, seamless access to data and intelligence on mineral resources from extraction to end of life products. The project will be addressed to a wide range of end-users, including the recycling industry, producers and producer compliance schemes, and policy makers.