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36 Circular Economy Demonstration Projects in the Basque Country

The Circular Economy Demonstration Projects programme was launched in 2014 and has been repeated yearly, having developed 36 projects by 2016.

21 Dec 2017

The Commission's Plastic Strategy in early 2018 will address possible approaches to address some single-use plastic items and marine litter including lost or abandoned fishing gear.

12 Dec 2017

Circular Glasgow, hosted by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, will connect with companies across the city helping them to open up new revenue streams, increase competitive advantage and realise financial savings using a range of practical tools.

When it comes to recycling aluminium, Every Can Counts

EU, United Kingdom

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The “Every Can Counts” programme aims to improve recycling by enabling and encouraging people to recycle drinks cans used outside the home (e.g. workplaces, festivals, tourist locations, etc.).

Three pilot colleges in the Lozere Department eradicate food waste from the menu

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At the end of year 2014 the Lozere Department engaged in a territorial plan of waste prevention.

Among the different actions, the Department has implemented an action in three pilot colleges to fight food waste in the canteens. The ambitious and transversal program involved actors at all levels in the college: Director, Manager, kitchen team, teachers, students and their parents.

TheCircularLab: a packaging innovation laboratory

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In 2017, Ecoembes launched its pioneering circular economy project in Europe, TheCircularLab, which will involve all phases of packaging from creation, via ecodesign, up to the reintroduction of our products into the consumption cycle. TheCircularLab aims to turn the La Rioja region into a great centre for experimentation by enabling innovations to be tested on a real scale.