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The Circular Phone Report

The Circular Phone report


Circle Economy, Fairphone, ABN Amro, Allen & Overy, ING, PGGM, NBA, Circularise, Sustainable Finance Lab
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Harald Friedl

The Circular Phone report provides practical answers to common financing pitfalls for circular businesses, using Fairphone as the real-life example.

So far, businesses striving to implement “Product-as-a-Service” models have had the challenge of reconciling the need to find financing parties with the complexities of their own business model.

To achieve a financeable model for the Circular Fairphone Service, the Community of Practice created a blueprint for Fairphone’s business model. Through the creation of a legal template – a 1st Circular Service Contract - and a financial cash flow tool, the group has proven that the gap between the businesses and financiers can be bridged.